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McPherson Media Group

A new media strategy for old media royalty.

McPherson Media Group are, like many publishers, changing the way they do business. They needed a new platform to manage their many publications through the one portal and increase community engagement across the board.

Bride & Groom

We redesigned Bride and Groom website, a popular wedding magazine, to give them a more functional online playground on which to talk all things bridal. An enticing and elegant layout highlighted imagery and directed users to click through to content and advertising directories.

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Country News Brand

Country News needed a full rebrand to connect with a present day regional audience that demanded a smooth digital experience from a trustworthy yet approachable source.

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Cn  Brand 1

Country News Website

A fresh new brand went along with a fresh new website, tailored for a regional audience. An engaging user experience that allows users to follow authors and curate content according to their interest areas.

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Local News

McPherson Media Group needed a way to create rich content hubs for each of their fourteen regional newspapers. We built a platform that could draw content at an international, national, state, and regional levels from one convenient and central location. 

We targeted niche local audiences and designed a news hierarchy of content pulled from shared publications across the country. 

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The Jolly Miller Café

Can a growing franchise chain build a local and loyal following? We thought so.

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