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Guided Resolution

A web application to simplify and digitise the mediation process had the potential to transform legal landscapes, but it's always a rough ride when entering such a rule and tradition heavy industry.

Clear messaging, an informative website, and an engaging explainer video helped bring legitimacy and understanding to Guided Resolution, opening the door to engage further investors and enterprise partners.

What we did

Strategy / Identity Design / UX / Video / Photography / UI

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Creative strategy behind Go To Market

Guided Resolution had multiple target audiences to consider. They needed to appeal to end-users directly, with an intuitive and valuable product. But they also needed to engage with stakeholders in the existing legal and mediation industries, pushing them to introduce a better and more efficient way to practice.

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Custom illustrations

We needed to display a simple process and keep it light and unintimidating. So illustrations, right? But nothing too childish or distracting. Just the right balance of approachability and reassurance.

Descriptive web presence

A new concept on a difficult subject needs some careful explaining. We designed a linear and unintimidating site that could house informative but accessible language to explain the product and process.

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Guided user flows

A clean, no-fuss user interface allowed for visual highlights and direct language to guide users through a digital process that eased the stress and confrontation of touchy situations.

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Explainer video for a complex idea

It was taking too much face time and too much explaining for people to understand the Guided Resolution product. Production of a short, high-end video brought some authority and attention while helping audiences to quickly grasp the concept.


"We have very quickly developed a high level of trust in Light Creative's capabilities. We handed over full creative license for them to produce a video commercial and the production quality far exceeded our expectations. Light Creative is now a trusted partner of ours and we look forward to a long history together."

Ross Paull
Founder & CEO, Guided Resolution